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How Does it Work?

Once you have chosen Kevin for the funeral, he will arrange a visit with the bereaved family. Then, by working together with that family, a unique and appropriate tribute will be written. This eulogy will be exactly as you desire, and will fully reflect the qualities, quirks and character of your loved one. The service is for you and will be the ceremony you want.

Along with the tribute, other details of the ceremony will be agreed at this time. This might include poetry, music, and readings from scripture - which can be delivered by Kevin or by friends or family. You may consider live music, such as a piper or some of Robert Burns work for a distinctly Scottish theme. Others may want a masonic flavour if the deceased was in the Craft.

Kevin will then write out the details and the eulogy and return to the family for checking before the ceremony itself. This is quickest by email but if this is not appropriate then it will be hand-delivered. You, the family, will have the final say in any editing of what is to happen.


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