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Ceremonies for Celebration of Life

For thousands of years man has celebrated the major events in life with ceremony. This usually includes the main stages of life such as

Aimee photoBirth

wedding photoMarriage

Burntisland Cemertery

but may also include other major milestones such as adoption of a child or renewal of vows between couples, whether the same or different sexes. Traditionally, the church has been behind these ceremonies but recently, many feel uncomfortable taking this route, as they are not regular church goers.

One alternative to this is an Independent Ceremony. These are conducted by a Celebrant, and may contain some religion or no religious connections at all. Indeed the beliefs of a celebrant do not feature in the ceremonies they preside over - only the wishes of the participants.These are designed especially for those taking part, and can take any form, with the content structured around your own beliefs and wishes. Kevin is an experienced celebrant and will help YOU design and then deliver the Ceremony You Want.

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